Take your staff from newbie to Knowbie

Knowbie is an innovative beverage-service solution designed for hospitality, by hospitality. This gamified, app-based platform teaches your staff to quickly become pros in wine, beer, spirits and food pairing.


Our mission is to revolutionize the way service staff are trained to enhance guest experiences

Developed by career experts in the hospitality and wine industry, Knowbie helps hospitality businesses nurture savvy, confident teams who can raise your establishment’s profile, increase customer LTV, and boost profits.

Bolster team confidence

Knowbie teaches hospitality employees everything from alcohol basics to expert food pairing tips.

Increase profits

Confident staff inspire customers to order additional — and premium — menu items.

Train staff effortlessly

Leave it all to Knowbie. Our team will customize the platform to suit your needs and provide lifetime support.

Standardize service quality

Knowbie ensures that no matter who your guests are, they’ll receive the same level of top service.

Track team progress

Knowbie’s dashboard allows senior employees to monitor staff progress at every stage.

Raise customer LTV

Happy customers become regulars. Knowbie-trained staff learn how to cultivate a returning customer base.


Knowbie trains staff to
provide next-level service

Built for hospitality, by hospitality – Knowbie is the ultimate solution for Restaurants, Clubs, and Retail Liquor stores alike.

  • Play to learn: Knowbie’s game-and-quiz system provides high-level education, arming employees with priceless beverage and food know-how.
  • Fully customized: Knowbie’s environment includes logos, menus and messages from your business.
  • Monitor progress: Stay up-to-date on team training from your custom dashboard.
  • Easy onboarding: Knowbie makes training new staff simple, and can help reduce turnover.

Knowbie is a simple yet powerful app that maximizes in-house training.


Because we know it’s important to you.

The more you know, the more successful and enjoyable your shift will be.

  • 1.5 hours: That’s how long it takes to elevate your skills and increase your earnings using the Knowbie app.
  • Get in the game: Knowbie’s gamified platform and simplified knowledge checks make learning fun. Really, we mean it!
  • Be in demand: Knowbie-trained teams learn how to cultivate customer relationships through exceptional service; they become favorites and often mentor other employees.

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